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March 29
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"Kitsune Asami "
"Tachibana Koji"
"Yamaguchi Junko"
"Ashida-no-uji Samusagi"
Reaka looked over the class.

It was the seconds week when Samusagi stopped attending classes. After her last fight with Whitney, the dojo got closed by the headmistress. Since then she did practise. The girl didn't even leave her room she had too much on mind. Latest evidences made her doubt her abilities. She lost control over the Yokai's blood, someone spread a rumor about her being Kazu's lover, she had a fight with whitney. The worst was almost killing Melfara. She doesn't remember it clearly enough. Still, her little cousin is in pain because of her. This hurt the most. Sam came to the academy to protect her. The girl was laying on the bed, facing the wall. Her hair was untied and messy, she was wearing underwear with the upper part of the uniform. She heard people passing the door of her room. Someone koncked.
"Sami-chan? It's me Victoria."
The bunny girl didn't reply.
"I know you can hear me. Everyone's worried. It's been two weeks since you locked yourself."
Samusagi didn't react. This wasn't the first time a student tried to reach her.
"Leave her be, Victoria"
"She wants to be alone. If you want to help her, respect her decision."
Samusagi heard the girls walking away. She didn't move, as if she was a stone. Nothing was able to reach her now.

It was afternoon. The girl didn't hear steps outside.
I've decided! ~desu
She stood up and took off the uniform. It fell down on the floor while the girl walked to her wardrobe. She reached out for a red dress with black and red stocking and weared them. When she dressed up, she pulled out all of her magic equipment from the wardrobe and placed it on the floor. She took out book under her bed. She used magic and packed everything. While sitting on the floor she looked at the mirror. She saw red ribbons on the bed. She reached out for them but stopped her hand.
No, I can't. I don't deserve them ~desu
She looked on the floor. These ribbons were a present from Melfara. Samusagi always wears them, now she can't. She closed her eyes and teleported to the administration building. The gates were closed. Samusagi walked up to it and place her hand in the middle.
"'Quel re amrun"
The energy started floating around her hand forming into a ball. She used her other hand and placed the cards in the energy ball. When the cards absorbed the magic she teleported back to her room. She used magic to stick the cards on her staff. The last one was sweaven with magic to her arm.
So I won't be able to change my mind ~desu

It was dark as she walked down the hallways.
I hope Morgana is still in the infirmary ~desu
On the hallway she saw light. Looks like Morgana was working. Samusagi walked to her. Before entering she knock. The nurse looked at her with a surprise.
"This is your first time knocking. What are you planing?" she was staring at her suspiciously. The girl walked in. Her eyes were empty but tried to act as always.
"No this time, Morgana ~desu" The nurse didn't stop glaring. Samusagi stopped, took a deep breath and bowed.
"Thank you for looking after Mefara's health! ~desu" Morgana dropped her paintbrush. Samsagi stayed in the bowing pose staring at the floor.
"If it's possible, please continue ~desu"
"W-Well, of course! I-It's my duty as the nurse to look after sick academy members" Morgana was confused this was the first time Samusagi acted so nice towards her. The girl looked at her and smiled before leaving. She walked down the hallways to step in the chemistry class.
"Oh! Samusagi! You finally came out if your room" said Reaka "Would you like something?"
"No. I'm good. ~desu"
"Are you sure? Have you eaten anything?"
"It's fine." she looked at the floor "I'm here to say thank you. You helped me a lot, if not your experiments with my arrows I would be in trouble. ~desu"
"You sound like you're leaving?" Reaka looked at her worried. Samusagi turned and walked to the door. She stopped.
"Thank you ~desu" she said and left. She looked at a clock in the main hall.
Three more hours ~desu
While walking to her room someone called out her name. She looked back. It was Damien Cornett.
"It's surprising to see you" the girl bowed. "You're last argument with Whitney caused a lot of trouble. You may be the strongest in the academy but that doesn't mean you're allowed to pick a fight with every student." The girl didn't reply. Her eyes still remained empty while she stared at the floor.
"Great power is associated with even greater responsibility." They said it at the same time, what surprised him. The girl forced herself to smile.
"I'm grateful for your morals, sensei. Excuse me my rudeness but this moral was told me since childhood. ~desu"
"Who told you about it?"
"My grandmother ~desu" he placed his hand on her head. The bunny girl stare at the floor.
"One's really lonely, when they depart from people." The girl looked at the teacher surprised. "Think about it." He said and walked away. Samusagi stared at his back until he disappeared in the dark hallway. She looked at her hands full of scars.
One's really lonely, when they depart from people.. These words stayed in her head. She started wondering about the meaning, she didn't know if she understood them properly.
"I want to help!" Samusagi heard a familiar voice from the kitchen.
"It's best to leave her"
"Don't nyu think it's a bit cruel? Xenia? ~nya?"
"Yeah! Beryl's right!"
"This isn't right!" Victoria hit a desk so hard it broke in half "She's our friend! She works harder than anyone else in the academy and when she needs us the most, we can't even help!" Beryl hugged the vampire girl.
"I k</i>nyo</i>w how nyu feel ~nya"
Samusagi hold her fist on her chest.
Why? I almost killed you and you still stay by my side ~desu
Tears started falling down. She walked away. She didn't return to her room. She used magic to create a butterfly.
Melfara, I'm sorry, I have to leave for a while. Don't worry, you'll do fine. You have friends around. I'm sure they'll help. I know I have a bad timing for leaving, but I took care of the darker side of the island. The shield will last half a year. So creature will pass it, neither will you. About Whitney and Aarina, I made some research. You'll find my note in my workplace, just be sure to look after Goldenfang. Whitney may be harmless, but the wolf is unpredictable. If anything goes wrong, use the spell. I left it in the notes. It'll stop the demon wolf. Aarina doesn't seem to cause trouble. All the spell are in my spells book, you know were. Just look out. If you mistake words you might create a new unknown spell or the you'll get the opposite effect. ~desu
I'm sorry again, Samusagi

The butterfly flew to her room. Samusagi passed the main door and went outside. It was raining. Samusagi was standing in the Academy's main gate. She was all wet.
"Hey! What do you think your doing? ~dearu" she looked at Kazuhiku. He was running towards her. "I'll catch a cold, idiot! ~dearu" He saw loneliness in her eyes.
"Why do you always meddle in my business? ~desu" her voice was calm and sounded indifferent."Never mind, it's almost time ~desu"
"Time?" he thought for a moment "Don't say you're leaving! ~dearu" She didn't reply "You don't need to leave. You have friends and teachers. Everyone's worried. I know you had a hard life and you don't trust. Believe me, if you stay everyone will help you! We'll get rid off the blood! ~dearu"
"I can't.."
"Melfara is feeling better! She's looking for you! ~dearu" the girl shaked her head.
"It's already to late ~desu"
"No! It's not! ~dearu" Samusagi saw tears falling for his eyes "I beg you, don't go! "He crouched down hiding hid face with one hand. "What will happen to the academy? You're the only person holding it. ~dearu"
"Why...are you so desperate to stop me? ~desu" her eyes and voice didn't change. The boy got confused.
"You're a moron. Y-You really don't see that your life is not indifferent to me. I want to become your light. I want to be the one who will guide you. But you still won't let me in! ~dearu"
The girl the girl looked on the sky.
"Will you wait for me? ~desu" Kazuhiku looked at her.
"I will! No matter how long it takes! ~dearu" A bright light started filling up her body.
"It's time. Please, look after Melfara ~desu"
"Yes! ~dearu"
"Kazu.." She turned around with a small smile "I l-"
She wasn't able to finish. Samusagi found herself at home. She was in the living room with all her bagade. Her dad walked to her surprised.
"Is everything alright? ~des?" the girl looked at him.
"Father. Please. T-Take me to the spirits world ~desu" he smiled and pat her head.
"So you're finally ready to end your grandmothers training? ~des?"
"Darling!It's dangerous! If she makes a mistake she won't be able to come back! ~arimasen!" her mother hugged her.
"The past is left in the past. ~desu"
"Treasure? What are you saying? ~arimasen?"
"I need to become stronger! ~desu" she said with courage in her voice. "I want to finish the last step of grandmothers training! ~desu"
Her father smiled. "Prepare yourself. Take only what necessary and don't look back. ~des"
"Understood! ~desu"
OK! So my Samusagi is training and I'll fight my exams :dummy: . . . . . .  . Nevermind -_- ~desu
I'll be inactive for about a month I hope less if possible. 
When I come back Samusagi will have a new look! ;) ~desu

Samusagi (c): Samusagi
Melfara (c): Melfara
Kazuhiku (c): Kazuhiku
Reaka (c): Hina-Monoko
Victoria (c): Yuvena
Xenia (c): littleDragon14
TeTe (c): LollyLink
Morgana (c): mycreativeinsanity
Asami (c): OdettesKuramitsu
Whiney & Goldnefang (c): wolf12832
Aarina (c): GobboKilla
Damien (c): DemonFox9Tails
Beryl (c): GoodKittyNyanchan
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CodyWolf Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
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